The Universal Sundial Ring
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The Universal Sundial Ring

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This Queen of sundials can be adjusted to any location in the world to show the true local time.

An extremely robust and beautiful precision instrument.


A universal equinoctial ring dial is a portable version of an armillary sundial, and was inspired by the mariner‘s astrolabe.

In its simplest form, the style is a thin slit that allows the sun‘s rays to fall on the hour-lines of an equatorial ring. As usual, the style is aligned with the Earth‘s axis; to do this, the user may orient the dial towards true North and suspend the ring dial vertically from the appropriate point on the meridian ring.
When not in use, the equatorial and meridian rings can be folded together into a small disk.

Complete cardboard kit contains:
  • 2 punched 1 mm card sheets,
  • wooden axes,
  • assembling instructions