Free Telescope Workshop Details
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Free Telescope Workshop Details

We know it can be quite tricky getting to grips with new things, especially if younger family members are keen to get going and expect you to know everything.

In order to help all the new telescope users after Christmas, we will be running free telescope workshops in January, for every telescope sold during November & December.

Dates and times are being finallised now, and emails/texts will be sent out to everyone.

All you need are yourself, your receipt, and your time. Booking will be essential, and links will be provided in order to book in.

We will run through setup, using it, finding objects, learning the night sky, and we will have handouts so you can take the info with you.

We will have the all important tea and coffee too :)

If you are still thinking about buying a scope, check out the guide to choosing here and check out the telescopes here and here