Lunt Solar LS60THaB600

Lunt LS60THa/B600

2 199,00 € - 2 849,95 €
Focuser Type: Information
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The LS60THa is a complete Solar Telescope with 60mm aperture and 500mm focal length. An internal etalon with tune adjustment allows for a <0.75 Angstrom bandwidth. With the matched collimation lens set, the LS60THa is fully corrected for on axis coma, astigmatism and de-centering aberrations and provides a full spherically corrected flat-field Solar-Telescope.

Blocking filter is the B600, which is better for observing. Get the B1200 if photography is the main aim.


The star diagonal in which the blocking filter is installed, is equipped as standard for 1.25" eyepieces and with a T2 camera connection.


Focuser choices are a Crayford, or Starlight Instruments 2" Feather Touch focuser with 1.5" travel and 10:1 reduction.

Choose the desired option above.



Technical data:

  • Aperture: 60 mm
  • Focal length: 500 mm
  • Bandwidth: internal Etalon with <0.75 Angstrom
  • Tuning: tiltable Etalon
  • Blocking Filter: B600 with 1.25" and T2 connection
  • Focuser: Crayford or Starlight Instruments Feather Touch with 10:1 reduction
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Length: 39 cm


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