Starwave 152mm F5.9 Achromat Refractor

Starwave 152mm F5.9 V3 Achromat Refractor

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* New 2.5" Focuser for 2017

The Starwave 152mm V3 delivers rich field views of the night sky using a large 6 inch / 152mm of unobstructed aperture at an incredible price. What's more, this lens isn't your average achromat lens. It is constructed from high quality Japanese Ohara and German Schott glass with top quality coatings, a very smooth polish and accurate surface figure free from striae.


For rich field viewing of deep sky objects such as comets, clusters and nebulae, the Starwave 152 offers a higher contrast view equivalent to an 8" Newtonian reflector, with similar perceived light grasp, but without the maintenance overhead and need for regular collimation. It also sports higher contrast due to the lack of central obstruction which makes deepsky objects appear to "pop" out from the background for very pleasing views.
By using a Contrast Booster filter to remove any residual chromatic aberration, the Starwave 152 F5.9 can also be used for high powered observation of the moon and planets. This often isn't possible with cheap mass-produced achromatic optics of similar focal length. It should be noted that chromatic aberration of this telescope is very low considering the fast focal ratio of the lens system, and that the lens design has been optimised for the yellow/green wavelengths to which the human eye is most sensitive. Therefore visual performance is better than the traditional Frauhofer achromat designs employed in cheaper achromats, and as reviewer Ade Ashford comments, the Starwave 152 Achromat outperforms typical F8 Achromats of the same aperture.
The inside of the optical tube has several baffles, and the multilayer lens coatings are extremely efficient to further improve image contrast. Surface polish is imrpoved to reduce scatter, which is very low for such a large aperture refractor lens. All these factors make the Starwave 152mm a high contrast telescope for achromat lovers who want a short, portable portable optical tube, but with "big glass" 6" aperture.
At only 760mm length when the dewshield is folded back, the Starwave 152 one of the most portable 6" aperture refractors on the market today. It will put less strain on your mount too, because the 11.2kg weight is distributed along a shorter length than other larger refractors, so torque / moment-arm effects are minimised.
The Starwave 152 is a great scope for effortless sweeping of the richer areas of the night sky and examination of deepsky objects.
Starwave 152 Achromat Refractor Features:
  • Fully multi-coated 152mm doublet achromatic lens
  • 900mm (F5.9)
  • Fully collimatable lens cell, focal length 900mm (F5.9).
  • Finest Ohara/Schott glass
  • Large format 2.5" Dual Speed Rack & Pinion focuser
  • Tube OD 176mm
  • Transport length (Dewcap folded) 760mm
  • Carry handle and Vixen-format dovetail bar included.
  • Altair universal finder scope bracket included.
  • Weight 11.2kg



We sent a unit (with a smaller 2" focuser) to astronomy writer Ade Ashford, who has written a comprehensive Starwave 152 Achromat review (Link opens new window). NOTE: The review telescope was the older version with 2.0" Crayford focuser. The newer Starwave Red Tube 152 Achromat ships with the larger 2.5" focuser and improved optics.