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Atik Titan, Planetary & Deep Sky CCD Camera

Sony ICX424  659 x 494 Sensor



The launch of the Atik Titan meant you no longer have to choose between planetary and deep-sky imaging. You can now do both, making this the perfect newcomer's camera.

As a deep-sky camera, the cooled CCD with low read-noise allows detection of faint details over long exposures. Planetary imaging moves the goal-posts from sensitivity to resolution, requiring fast frame rates to capture moments of best seeing.

Excelling at both, the Titan is the perfect introductory camera.

And it's blue!



In high-speed mode, the Titan is able to record up to 15 frames per second in uncompressed 16-bit format. The high frame rate is important in order to capture moments of steady 'seeing' when the image becomes clear. The 16-bit digitisation makes it easier to pull spectacular detail out of low contrast objects such as the surface of the Sun, or the cloud belts of Saturn.



Deep sky

The Titan has a remarkable 5-electron read-noise in deep-sky mode. This is better than that of many astro-cameras costing thousands of pounds. The low read-noise allows faint detail to be teased out of the Titan's images. The Titan also features advanced cooling for long-exposure imaging.




The Titan's mix of high sensitivity and high frame rates makes it an ideal high-end guide camera. It sports a standard ST-4 type guide socket on the back for direct connection to a mount. Guiding can be performed through our Capture software, or programs such as Maxim DL, Astroart and CCDSoft.




Sensor Type: Sony ICX424
Horizontal Resolution: 659 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 494 pixels
Pixel Size: 7.4 µM x 7.4 µM
ADC: 16 bit
Readout Noise: 5 e-
Interface: USB
Power: 12v DC 0.55A
Cooling: Thermoelectric, ΔT=-20°C max.
Weight: 350g
Guide Port: ST-4 compatible



System requirements: Pentium III PC with 128MB RAM, Windows XP/Vista/Win7, CD-ROM drive and USB 2.0 port.


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