Baader LRGBC CCD Filter Set


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LRGBC-CCD Filter Set - Red, Green, Blue, Clear Glass  and UV/IR Cut.


With Low Profile Filter Cell


A new line of Baader LRGB filters now available which supplement the Baader narrowband emission line filters (H-beta/O III/H-alpha/S II) nicely.


With this addition, Baader offers the complete line of LRGB in unmatched quality grade, all being parfocal and made of precision optically polished glass .



  • The Baader Planetarium LRGBC Filter Set is a round, mounted and threaded 1.25" or 2" filter.
  • Each single filter is polished on a fine optical 1/4 wave length.
  • The Baader Planetarium LRGBC Filter Set provide maximum color contrast and steep transmission curves.
  • Ultra-hard ionbeam deposition insures filter won't degrade from normal use or cleaning.
  • The Baader Planetarium LRGBC Filter Set consists of individually cut and polished filters with sealed coating edges.



Baader LRGBC-filters are available in the following sizes:

- 1.25"(w.cell mount)
- 2"(w.cell mount)
- 50.8 mm Diam.(unmounted) - Contact us
- 50x50 mm Square (ummounted) - Contact us
- 36 mm Diam.(unmounted) - Contact us
- 65x65 mm Square (ummounted)
- Contact us



Mounted filters feature a glass thickness of 2mm, unmounted filters feature a thickness of 3 mm. (Only Ø 36mm unmounted features a glass thickness of 2mm too)


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