Baader LRGBC H-Alpha 7NM CCD Filter Set


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LRGBCHA7-CCD Filter Set - Red, Green, Blue, Clear Glass, UV/IR Cut and H-Alpha 7NM


With Low Profile Filter Cell


A new line of Baader LRGB filters now available which supplement the Baader narrowband emission line filters (H-beta/O III/H-alpha/S II) nicely.


With this addition, Baader offers the complete line of LRGB in unmatched quality grade, all being parfocal and made of precision optically polished glass .



CCD imagers will find that Baader's new Narrowband 7nm H-Alpha pass filter delivers the absolute highest contrast deep sky images of H-II regions, all with the shortest exposures possible. Its narrow 7nm FWHM bandwidth has a transmission at H-Alpha of over 90%, while completely rejecting light pollution.

The high optical quality of the Baader 7nm H-Alpha filter guarantees no loss in sharpness or contrast. Each substrate is fine-optically polished plane parallel to deliver a smooth and accurate 1/4 wavefront over the entire surface. This special custom polishing operation sets Baader filters apart from the standard precision polished filter substrates used by most other filter manufacturers. Coatings are professionally applied by the most sophisticated equipment available, ensuring high consistency for bandpass centering and transmission. The ultra-hard ionbeam deposition ensures the coatings will never degrade from use or normal cleaning.




  • The Baader Planetarium LRGBC HA7 Filter Set is a round, mounted and threaded 1.25" or 2" filter.
  • Each single filter is polished on a fine optical 1/4 wave length.
  • The Baader Planetarium LRGBC HA7 Filter Set provide maximum color contrast and steep transmission curves.
  • Ultra-hard ionbeam deposition insures filter won't degrade from normal use or cleaning.
  • The Baader Planetarium LRGBC HA7 Filter Set consists of individually cut and polished filters with sealed coating edges.



Baader LRGBC-filters are available in the following sizes:

- 1.25"(w.cell mount)
- 2"(w.cell mount)
- 50.8 mm Diam.(unmounted) - Contact us
- 50x50 mm Square (ummounted) - Contact us
- 36 mm Diam.(unmounted) - Contact us
- 65x65 mm Square (ummounted)
- Contact us



Mounted filters feature a glass thickness of 2mm, unmounted filters feature a thickness of 3 mm. (Only Ø 36mm unmounted features a glass thickness of 2mm too)


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