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Baader has manufactured the smallest astro photography tracking device in the world weighing in at just 350g, perfect for fitting into any camera bag.

Mount your camera directly to this device and use 'as is' or alongside the Nano Tracker App on your smartphone, fits with standard tripod mounting bolt to any tripod with such a fitting.

Make astrophotography of objects such as the much anticipated comet Ison a reality.

  • Select between Stellar, solar or Lunar tracking modes.
  • Use a low ISO setting and several minutes of exposure time, capture sharp, clear, noise-free photos of the sky.
  • Use the Nano Tracker during the day for time lapse photography, or create recordings and films of landscapes utilising the tracking to enhance shadows and clouds


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Product Specifications:

Tracking Modes: 1x / 0.5x star, moon and sun speed.
Max speed: 50x. Selectable for northern and southern hemispheres
Drive: stepper motor with separate electronic control
Mechanics: steel / brass worm gear with 50 teeth
Axle bearing: two ball bearings
Connection: ¼ "thread (on both sides)
Carrying Capacity: 2.0 kg
Power supply: 3x AA batteries (not included)
Dimensions: 60x98x44 mm tracker, hand controller 50x105x22mm
(without cable)
Weight: about 350g tracker, hand controller 80g (without batteries


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