Rigel Systems QuikFinder

49,95 € - 59,95 €
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At 1/10th the size and weight of the competition's "reflex" sight, this handy finder makes aiming your telescope easy with its wide-open right-side-up view. 


Projects 1/2° and 2°  Red circles onto the night sky in focus with the stars -- what you see in the red circles is what you get in your telescope. 


Pulsed or Continuous Illumination of Reticle -- at your behest.  A standard feature on QuikFinder.


Compact design lets you use both eyes.


2 Baseplates lets you use it on two telescopes. Easy clip-on/clip-off mounting to baseplate (no screws to fumble with).



Other features --

  • Rugged construction, an ultra-efficient LED and lithium battery (included) for long life.
  • QuikFinder attaches without drilling and is easily removed from its baseplate for storage. 
  • Additional baseplates are available for using QuikFinder on more than one telescope.
  • Baseplate dimensions: 2.5" long, 2" wide and 1/2" high.
  • Quikfinder dimensions:  4.5" tall, 1.4" square. 



Alternative power option:

Easy to install battery pack gives up to 2700 hours of operation from 2 AA alkaline batteries (not included), almost 10 times longer than the lithium coin cell that comes with the QuikFinder. No soldering required, just clip a notch as shown and insert battery clip in place of coin cell, and attach battery holder to side of QuikFinder with double sided tape.




"... Rugged and simple to use... It is the only unit tested that has a bliniking reticle. A tiny knob next to the on-off/brightness control varies the rate from about one pulse per second to an attention getting flicker. At first I felt this feature might be a gimmick, but it proved its worth in the field. I could keep the reticle nice and bright and still see dim stars that disappeared under a constant setting."
David Regen in Sky and Telesope


"The Telrad isn't the only one-power finder in town. From Rigel Systems (the same folks who bring you those cool rectagular flashlights) comes this well sorted reflex sight."
Ed Ting in Scope Reviews Website

"The more I use the QuikFinder the more I appreciate its simplicity and usefulness. I highly recommend it. "
Mike Weasner in Weasner's Mighty ETX Website


"This is just a fabulous addition to my ETX! It's never been easier for me to locate objects. I frequently bypass the finder and go right from the QF to the ETX eyepiece, since even at high magnifications, the object is usually in the field of view! "

Joe Hartley's ETX and Accessories

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