Skywatcher Heritage 130P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope
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Skywatcher Heritage 130P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope

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Skywatcher Heritage 130P FlexTube Dobsonian Telescope

Perfect for  kids, younger astronomers  and adults alike, featuring a nice big 130mm parabolic mirror the Skywatcher Heritage 130P Flextube Dobsonian Telescope has been specially designed to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy and the 400th Anniversary of Galileo’s first telescope.

Housing the same superb Parabolic Primary Mirror as our highly-renowned Explorer-130P, this telescope is an excellent and capable all-rounder which will provide wonderful views of both the Moon & Planets as well as Deep-Sky Objects.

HERITAGE-130P FlexTube™ 130mm (5.1



The collapsible patented FlexTube™ system has been incorporated making it even more convenient to transport and store. The uncomplicated manually operated Dobsonian alt-azimuth mount makes it a superb, highly portable, grab-and-go system.

HERITAGE-130P FlexTube™ 130mm (5.1


The complete telescope & mount comes fully assembled straight out of the box.


Supplied in presentation Giftbox.

HERITAGE-130P FlexTube™ 130mm (5.1


This is a tabletop design, and may require a small table to help raise the eyepiece height.


Technical Specification:

  • Perfect for astronomers both young and old.
  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x26 & x65
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x260
  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 130mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 650mm (f/5)
  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm
  • Parabolic Primary Mirror
  • Single-arm Secondary Mirror Support
  • Red Dot Finder
  • Wooden Alt-Azimuth Mount
  • Collapsible/ Extendable Tube Assembly
  • Overall maximum height: 46cm (collapsed), 69.5cm (extended)
  • Weight Approx 6.2kg
  • Built-in Carrying Handle
  • 30% more Light Gathering than 114mm



Whats in the box:

  • 130 mm Dobsonian
  • 2 eyepieces, 10mm & 25mm
  • Red-Dot Finderscope