Choosing Your Telescope

Choosing Your Telescope

Why buy from us? Its simple, we are trusted in the art of guiding people to the correct scope for them. Check our reviews! We only stock telescopes and astronomy accessories from reputable brands, and, we are Irelands only authorised importer, with warranty, of Skywatcher, Helios, Fotomate, Acuter and Celestron High End products.

Choosing a scope can seem complicated, but lets try keep it simple.

  • Set a budget. This narrows it down a lot. Theres no point worrying about designs and specs of scopes that aren’t within budget.
  • Who is it for? If they are under 10, you are going to have to chip in with a good bit of help, and it has to be easy to use. If they need portability, this must be considered too. Are they beginners or more advanced. Will they want to do astrophotography, or just observing. All these things must be considered.


As a general rule, keeping it simple pays off. If the telescope is difficult to use, it wont be used.

For the younger crowd, under say 15, try get a telescope on an Alt-Az mount, it will generally have AZ in the title. These are easy to use and set up. The number in the name is the size, the bigger the better in general.

Consider these ones –

Evostar 90AZ3 Refractor Telescope
Skywatcher Evostar 90AZ Beginner Telescope Ireland



Skyhawk 1145P AZ Pronto
Skywatcher Skyhawk 1145P Beginner Reflector Telescope Ireland
Startravel 120AZ3
Skywatcher Startravel 120AZ Beginner Refractor Telescope Ireland 
Astromaster 70AZ
 Celestron Astromaster 70AZ Beginner Telescope Ireland
Astromaster 90AZ
Celestron Astromaster 90AZ Refractor Telescope Ireland 
Astromaster 102AZ
 Celestron Astromaster 102AZ Refractor Ireland




If it doesnt have to be a tripod mounted telescope, you can great value and "bang for buck" with a dobsonian, in particular the Skywatcher Heritage Range.

Popular models include:


Heritage 76
Skywatcher Heritage 76 Dobsonian Tabletop Beginner Telescope Ireland
Heritage 130P Flextube Dobsonian
Heritage 130P Flextube Dobsonian Telescope Ireland
Heritage 150P Flextube 
Skywatcher Heritage 150P Flextube Dobsonian Telescope Ireland
Goto Heritage 150P Flextube Virtuoso
Heritage 150P Virtuoso Gti Goto Dobsonian Telescope Ireland


If the budget is nearer the €500 up to say the €1000 mark, you can consider one of the goto scopes, operated from either a handcontrol, or an app on your phone, such as Celestron Sky Portal, or Skywatcher Synscan. All of these telescopes will need to be aligned with a few bright stars each night you use it.

Consider these ones:


Star Discovery P150i
Skywatcher Star Discovery P150i Wifi Goto Telescope Ireland
Explorer 130PS AZ-GTi
Skywatcher Explorer 130PS GTi Goto Telescope Ireland
Skymax 127 AZ-GTi
Skywatcher Skymax 127 GTi Goto Maksutov Telescope Ireland
AstroFi 130
Celestron Astrofi wifi Goto Reflector Telescope Ireland
AstroFi 6
Celestron Astrofi 6 SCT Wifi Goto Telescope Ireland


Above the €1000 mark, you can start getting into some decent sized scopes, again, pretty easy to use like the ones above, you are basically getting bigger size. Popular higher end telescopes are:


Nexstar 6SE
Celestron Nexstar 6SE Goto SCT Telescope Ireland
Nexstar 8SE
Celestron Nexstar 8SE Goto SCT Telescope Ireland
Evolution 8
Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8 Goto SCT Telescope Ireland
Evolution 9.25
Celestron Nexstar Evolution 925 Goto SCT Telescope Ireland



Planetary photography is easily done with any of the motorised telescopes above, all you need is a planetary camera, such as a ZWO ASI Camera.


If you want to delve into proper deep sky astrophotography, objects such as Nebulae, Galaxies, Star Clusters etc, then ideally, you need an Equatorial Goto Mount, coupled with a suitable telescope, based on the targets you wish to image.


But as a guide, entry level, this is where its at -


Skywatcher EQ3 Pro
Skywatcher EQ3 Pro astrophotography mount Ireland
Explorer 130PDS Dual Speed Reflector
Skywatcher 130PDS Dual Speed Astrophotography Telescope Ireland



And then larger mounts equal larger scopes and payload, such as:

Skywatcher HEQ5 200PDS
Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro 200PDS Astrophotography Telescope Ireland
Celestron Advanced VX 8
Celestron Advanced VX8 SCT Telescope Ireland



But realistically, if you wish to do astrophotography, its best to Contact Us to discuss, as it very easy to get the wrong gear!


And we have a reputation for looking after our customers needs  :)