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Collins Observing the Night Sky Beginners Guide


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Observing the Night Sky Beginners Guide

Written by Radmila Topalovic & Tom Kerss, 110 pages, paperback

  • A brilliant introductory guide to exploring the night sky - from the astronomers of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich
  • Offering complete advice from the ground up - Stargazing is the perfect manual for beginners to astronomy, introducing the world of telescopes, planets, stars, dark skies and celestial maps
  • Discover how to tackle light pollution, how to stargaze with just your eyes, and what equipment is best for beginners
  • Seasonal star charts, constellation charts and facts about our Solar System. Stargazing is packed full of useful information and guidance for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • Allows a complete novice to understand our place in the cosmos and enjoy the beautiful wonders of the night sky

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