Baader Hyperion Eyepiece Full Set


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Complete set of Hyperion eyepieces and Carry Case. 

save a chunk of cash, basically get a free eyepiece!

Eyepieces supplied -  5/8/10/13/17/21/24mm


Design: The Hyperion design has has both a 31.7mm (1.25") and 50.8mm (2") barrel for fitting into either size focuser or diagonal. Both barrel sizes have a safety groove for safe use in your telescope.


Each Hyperion features Baader's PHANTOM-GROUP Multi-Coatings for maximum light transmission and the ultimate in image contrast. There are two photographic threads on each Hyperion, M43 and SP54. These threads are located under the rubber eye-cap, or rather beneath the thread protecting ring which is made of high-quality and aging-resistant silicone rubber.



Baader Phantom Group Coating: Baader Phantom Group Coating is a 7-layer broadband coating with extremely low residual reflection. The term "Group" refers to the fact that for each type of glass used in the Hyperion eyepieces, the respective effective anti-reflection layer is applied.


All these different anti-reflection coatings on each lens surface have then been optimized to be most effective where the human eye has its highest sensitivity at night - at about 520 nm - in the green region of the spectrum.


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