Baader Classic Plossl 32mm Eyepiece Ktec Telescopes

Baader Classic Plossl 32mm Eyepiece


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Baader Classic Plössl 32mm eyepiece (HT-multicoated) with aux spacer tube and winged rubber eyecup.

Baader has designed this Classic Plossl without unnecessary frills and cosmetic additions and concentrated on producing extremely sharp and contrast rich images, this eyepiece is another addition to the Classics range to complement the Classic Ortho's.


Some of the benefits of the Classic Range from Baader:

  • Design: Optical design and manufacturing specs drawn from Baader's extensive research and development department.
  • Fully Multi-Coated: All air-to-glass surfaces coated with Baader's high spec MultiCoatings, specifically matched to each substrate.
  • Outstanding FOV: 50 degree apparent field (6/10/18mm Ortho): Find and observe objects very easily at high powers and magnification.
  • Filters: Threaded for any of Baaders world renowned 1.25" Astro Filters.



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