Astrozap dew Heater Ktec Telescopes

Astrozap Dew Heater Straps


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Astrozap Dew Heater Straps are the finest selection for the active dew fighting system. 



Advantages of Astrozap Dew heaters:

  • Low wattage
  • Cold flex power leads
  • Top quality velcro fabric heater cover, very elastic, professional finish on both ends
  • Isolated against humidity
  • Metal RCA connectors


Made in the USA with advanced materials, Astrozap Dew Heater Straps apply heat evenly across the length of the strap. 


Astrozap  Dew Heater Straps can be supplied in all popular sizes to fit eyepieces, finderscopes and telescope objectives.

Astrozap also offers specialty heaters for binoculars, Telrad and Rigel finders. 



Measure around your tube diameter, where the strap is going on,  and choose which size:

  • AZ-701 - 1.25" Eyepieces & Small Finders up to D=44mm
  • AZ-702 - 2" Eyepieces and small tubes D=60-65mm
  • AZ-703 - Tubes D=85-97mm
  • AZ-704 - Tubes D=115-121mm
  • AZ-705 - Tubes D=135-138mm
  • AZ-706 - Tubes D=160-194mm
  • AZ-707 - Tubes D=190-220mm
  • AZ-708 - Tubes D=215-250mm
  • AZ-709 - Tubes D=250-271mm
  • AZ-710- Tubes D=285-295mm
  • AZ-711 - Tubes D=300-311mm
  • AZ-712 - Tubes D=330-340mm
  • AZ-714 - Tubes D=370-384mm
  • AZ-716 - Tubes D=420-437mm
  • AZ-721 - Telrad Finder
  • AZ-722 - Rigel Systems QuikFinder





The telescope side is made with material that does not mar or scratch the telescope's finish.  An adjustable velco attachment permits a snug fit for efficient application of just enough heat to keep the objective above the dew point when used with the Astrozap Dual Channel Dew Controller. 


The Dew Heater Strap will draw full amperage when used with the Astrozap DC Adapter.


Although the element can be connected directly to 12V, we recommend using a controller (see examples below)").

It allows operating the heating element at lower power settings for optimal seeing prevention and battery capacity saving.



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