NWA 6392 Brecciated Diogenite 6.4g Meteorite Endcut Vesta Ktec Telescopes Ireland

NWA 6392 Brecciated Diogenite 6.4g Meteorite Endcut Vesta


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NWA 6392

Diogenite - HED Achondrite - Vestan Meteorite

4.7g Endcut

Believed to originated on the asteroid Vesta, NWA 6392 is a Brecciated Diogenite.
The total known weight of NWA 6392 is a low 503 grams. Pieces are generally in the 10-20 gram range and the main mass is 31 grams.
Meteorite Information:
  • Name: Northwest Africa 6392
  • Abbreviation: NWA 6392
  • Observed fall: No
  • Year found: March 2010
  • Country: Northwest Africa
  • Mass: 503g (Total Known Weight)
  • This example: 6.4g Endcut.



The Meteoritical Society

International Society for Meteoritics and Planetary Science

Lunar and Planetary Institute
Meteoritical Bulletin Database
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