Tatahouine Diogenite Meteorite Display no.21


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Diogenite - HED Achondrite
The Skellig Islands have become famous world wide due to the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the new film, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, due for release on 15th December 2017. Luke Skywalker's home planet was called Tatooine which was named after a place called Tatahouine (Tataouine) in Tunisia, near where the first Star Wars movie was filmed. Tatooine also has two suns, Tatoo I and Tatoo II.
Tatahouine is also famous for a meteorite fall in 1931 where thousands of green fragments broke up and fell to the ground.
This special pack contains two Tatahouine meteorite fragments which are used here to represent the two suns of Luke's home planet and an image of the The Skellig Islands, film location for two Star Wars movies!

A huge explosion marked the entrance of this meteorite. On June 27 1931, many pieces were found.

One of the rare Diogenite type meteorites, it has a beautiful green hue. Pretty much all Tatahouine meteorites are fragments.

Meteorite Information:
  • Name: Tatahouine
  • Abbreviation: None
  • Observed fall: Yes
  • Year found: June 27 1931
  • Country: Tunisia
  • Mass: 12kg (Total Known Weight)
  • This example: 2 pieces, 0.150g & 0.095g




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