Valera L5 Hammer Stone Meteorite Fragments - Killed Cow

Valera L5 Hammer Stone Meteorite Fragments - Killed Cow


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L5 Meteorite

Fragment, in gem jar.

Hammer stone, killed a cow in Venezuela.

A must have stone for any collection.


This is 1 of 5284 approved meteorites (plus 1 unapproved names) classified as L5


Meteorite Information:
  • Name: Valera
  • Abbreviation: None
  • Observed fall: Yes
  • Year found: October 15 1972
  • Country: Venezuela
  • Mass: 50kg (Total)
  • This example: Fragment



On the evening of 1972 October 15, a bright light accompanied by a loud noise was witnessed near the El Tinajero farm. The next morning, Dr. Arginiro Gonzales and his guest,  discovered that a cow had apparently been killed by a falling stone.

The stone had broken into three pieces weighing 38, 8, and 4 kg, respectively. The largest specimen remained outdoors for decades after the fall.


More information on the meteorite Valera can be found here -





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