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ZWO 5 Position Filter Wheel


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ZWO came up with this high quality 5-position filter wheel, but in addition to visual use, the main features of this filter wheel suggest that it has been designed mainly for astro photography.

Up to five filters can be installed in the numbered compartments that feature standard 1.25" filter thread, and each can be selected for your eyepiece or camera by simply rotating the inner wheel to any of the five click-stop positions. Unlike in the case of many competing products, it is very easy to turn the wheel that helps to keep your object intact. It is not a problem with motorised filter wheels, but if it's difficult to turn a manual filter wheel, it is possible to knock the telescope off of position... so it's better to have a filter wheel that turns smoothly.

The filter wheel can be attached to your focuser either by the supplied 1.25” nosepiece adaptor or via a T-thread. There is actually a female T-thread on both sides of the filter wheel.

One compartment can be left empty for unfiltered viewing.
The robustly constructed filter wheel is supplied with a 1.25” nosepiece, 1.25” eyepiece holder with brass compression ring, T-2 camera adapter and locking ring.

Please note: your focuser will require 19mm of inward focusing distance from the normal focus position to compensate for the thickness of the filter wheel.

This filter wheel will be a good addition to any ZWO CMOS USB Camera that we sell (please make sure that your telescope otherwise have enough back focus, of course, e.g. Newtonian telescopes would usually have a back focus issue, unless modified or specially designed for astro photograpy...)


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