Baader MPCC Coma Corrector Mark III 2" Ktec Telescopes

Baader MPCC Coma Corrector Mark III 2''


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Baader Multi Purpose Coma Corrector (MPCC) Mark III


This great product from Baader now allows you to use your Newtonian telescope to take stunning wide field photographic or digital images of the night sky, or just use visually for much wider views, while at the same time keeping stars pin point sharp to the edge of field, this is all done with no increase in magnification so images stay bright and sharp.


This is the only coma corrector that does not increase focal length, not does it reduce field size of your Newtonian -– an f4 Newtonian remains f4.




MPCC Mark III properties:

  • no change in focal length or field size
  • newly calculated lens system - designed for an unvignetted field down to f3.5
  • maximum sharpness across the field - without center soft spot (as reported of other makes)
  • accepts T-2(M42x0.75) and/or 2"(M48x0.75) threaded photographic- or visual-adapters
  • 2" stopping collar removable for increase in backfocus
  • For photographic and visual use
  • easy to use
  • exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Phantom Group© multicoated for maximum transmission and freedom from reflections from UV to NIR
  • Optional adapter for direct coupling of the MPCC III directly onto the Baader CANON EOS protective T-ring
  • 44mm clear aperture when using the M48(2") filter-tread or the Protective T-ring with optional adapter



Large parabolic mirrors are perfectly apt for Deep Sky imaging since they deliver a very large field and enable very short exposure times. However this comes at the price of off axis coma and some residual astigmatism. Coma will distort off axis stars into "comets" which effectively reduces the usable field considerably. Many companys offer various lens systems as solution to counteract coma, most at the downside of increasing the original focal length and reducing the field
of view. An f4 optics may become an f4.5.



The Multi Purpose Coma Corrector Mark III eliminates coma across the full photographic field without manipulating the focal length. The proprietory lens design has our Phantom Group© wideband multicoating on all air to glass lens surfaces. This treatment delivers highest transmission combined with lowest amount of scatter and reflections across a very wide spectral range from UV to NIR.



The original MPCC had been designed for an f/ratio of f4.5 to f6. The new Mark III however works exceptionally well even down to f3.5. stars remain pinpoints across the field and the visual use likewise is made much easier - with the help of the 2" (M48) male filter thread at the eyepiece facing side. The MPCC III is designed to be the most variable coma corrector in the market today. It mounts into every 2" focuser and fits CCD-filter wheels and off axis guiders of various manufacturers.



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