Baader Neutral Density Filter Range


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1.25" and 2" ND Filter - Various Transmissions

OD 0.6 T=25% (optically polished)

OD 0.9 T=12.5% (optically polished)

OD 1.8 T=1.5% (optically polished)

OD 3.0 T=0.1% (optically polished)


For perfect energy management during Lunar and Solar observation. NO reflections. NO stray light. NO ghosting.


Neutral Density (Grey) Filter 1 1/4" and 2" multi-coated.


Planoptically polished with Phantom Coating Group Multi-coatings.



Special Filter Cell:  Baader's special filter cell design offers unique features that enhance their reliability and usability.  Though difficult to produce, the ultra-thin filter cell results in the maximum possible clear aperture, in order to minimize vignetting (1¼" Filter clear aperture is 27mm!, 2" Filter aperture is 45mm).  The special threading has been designed to fit the wide variety of eyepieces and accessories.


Freedom from Ghosts and Halos:  Baader Planetarium's filters have always been halo and ghost free.  Baader balances each dielectric coating stack to avoid the ghosts and annoying halos that plague other manufacturers filters. 


Stackability:  Unlike most other filters, Baader Planetarium  filters are truly designed to be stacked and combined.  This is possible due to the high optical quality and highly efficient anti-reflection multicoatings.  The ability to combine filters opens up many interesting possibilities, permitting  unique spectral characteristics unachievable with any single filter.



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