Celestron Usb Cooling Fan for Dobsonian Telescope


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The Celestron USB Cooling Fan is the ideal cooling solution for your StarSense Exploerer 10” Dobsonian telescope.  For those who can’t wait to observe, this handy accessory cools the primary mirror to the ambient outdoor temperature faster. The result is crisper, better-focused views sooner —and more time for you to observe.

This cooling fan mounts directly onto the rear cell of the StarSense Explorer 10” Dobsonian and works with any USB power source (portable power banks, AC wall adapters, and more).  Once the primary mirror has cooled down and you are ready to observe, you can disconnect the fan’s USB power source. Connect the cable to the integrated storage clip to stay organized.

Powering the Cooling Fan

Any USB power source can charge the cooling fan. Unlike other fans on the market, this USB Cooling Fan for Dobsonian Telescopes does not require an external, bulky 12V power source or disposable batteries.  This fan uses less voltage (5V vs. 12V) than competing models. Still, our rigorous internal testing shows that the Celestron Cooling Fan provides better airflow and faster overall cooling compared to competitors.

Compatible Telescopes

The USB Cooling Fan for Dobsonian Telescopes is compatible with the StarSense Explorer 10” Dobsonian telescope and many other third-party Dobsonians and Newtonian Reflectors that have a compatible fan mount (four M4 x 0.7 threaded holes in a square pattern with holes spaced 71.5mm apart).


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