Skywatcher F/4 Aplanatic Super Coma Corrector Ktec Telescopes

Skywatcher F/4 Aplanatic Super Coma Corrector


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Optimised for Sky-Watcher superfast f/4 Quattro imaging Newtonians, delivering stunning wide-field views with pinpoint stars to the edge of the flat field.


  • Magnification remains unaltered.
  • Features a 4 x element design with one element made from FPL51 ED glass. 
  • Requires 55mm back focus. 
  • Image height 28mm.
  • Outside diameter 50.8mm/2"



A suitable M48x0.75 adaptor is required to match your camera.


Sky-Watcher manufactured Canon and Nikon M48x0.75 adaptors are available -


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