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The Telrad is a very innovative finder and an attractive alternative to a regular finderscope. It is particularly easy to use and you still see the full sky in front of your eyes, not just a small part of the sky.


The Telrad can be used almost on any telescope:
The Telrad comes with a universal quick release base which you can mount on almost any telescope. The base can be mounted either with screws or simply with double-sided tape (recommended). It will fit on tubes with a widely varying diameter or even on flat surfaces.

All you need on the side of the telescope is a clear length of 17.5cm or longer to mount the base. The base can be left permanently mounted on the telescope and the Telrad can be removed with two thumbscrews.


Finding Objects with the Telrad:

The Telrad projects three rings (0.5°, 2° and 4°) onto a glass window. You look at the night sky through this window and you will see the unchanged sky, but with these three rings "hovering" in front of the stars. As soon as you have centered the object in the smallest ring you will find it in the field of view of your telescope.

You can align the reticle with three collimation screws to perfectly match your telescope.

Using the Telrad:
The operation of the Telrad is very simple. It has one lever at the side with which you can switch the reticle on or off and adjust the brightness. At the dimmest setting the rings will not cause any blinding effects even under a very dark sky.


Aligning the Telrad:
You can align the reticle with three collimation thumbscrews at the back of the Telrad. No tools are needed for the alignment.


Power Supply:
For power supply you can use a pair of AA 1.5V batteries or rechargeable batteries. They are stored under the sliding lid at the top of the Telrad. Batteries are not included in the scope of delivery.


What's in the box:
-- Telrad zero magnification finder
-- quick release base with double-sided tape


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