ZWO AM3 Harmonic Drive Equatorial Mount with Carbon Tripod


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ZWO AM3 Harmonic Drive Equatorial Mount with Carbon Tripod

Traditional equatorial mounts require heavy counterweights for use. Extra effort needed to achieve balance in RA and DEC directions and the extra weight makes them not so convenient when there is a need to take the equipment away to a dark site or even just to the other end of the garden...

To solve the above issues, ZWO developed the ASI Mount series.

No need for a counterweight. With a self-weight of 3.9kg, AM3 has a large load capacity from 8kg to 13kg. While portability is very important, stability is also essential in use. Instead of blindly pursuing the lightweight of the mount body, ZWO is more so along the lines of stability for an entire use. The internal structure of the body is optimized with the strain wave gear reducer and synchronous belt, bringing more accurate control and an amazing reduction ratio of 300:1.

It is also multi-functional that can be used as both an equatorial mount or an altazimuth mount. You can either control the mount via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, or a hand controller.


It comes with very low periodic errors, smooth gearing and high torque. The guiding accuracy is 0.5-0.8 arc seconds, which makes the AM5 mount extremely suitable for astrophotography.

The internal structure of the body is optimised with the harmonic drive speed reducer and synchronous belt, bringing more accurate control and an amazing reduction ratio of 300:1.

ZWO measures each mount and provides it with an exclusive PE curve before it leaves the factory. The x-axis represents the periodic error. The periodic erro is kept within +/- 20 arc seconds.


► Mount weighs just 3.9kg

► 8kg payload capacity without counterweights.

► 13kg payload capacity with counterweights

► Can be used in equatorial or Alt-Az Mode


TC40 Carbon Fiber Tripod 

1. Short and portable. Easy to transport inside your hand luggage. 
2. Carbon fiber material: High strength and high impact resistance. 
3. Adjustable height: 470-800mm. Dual-section legs provide a stable and rigid platform for telescopes and cameras. 
4. Spreader plate: Increase the stability of the tripod.  
5. Weight bag: Provides additional stability by filling it with suitable weight such as stones or your telescope battery pack. 
6. Fixed spread angle: Easy to use. 





  • Product Name:  ZWO AM3 Harmonic Drive Equatorial Mount
  • Mount Type:  German Equatorial 
  • Maximum Payload:  8 kg without counterweight, 13kg with counterweight
  • Periodic Error: <±20"
  • PE Duration: 288s
  • Latitude Adjustment Range:  0º to 90º
  • Azimuth Adjustment Range:  About ±10 º
  • Mount Weight (head only): 3.9kg
  • Counterweights Supplied:  None
  • Tripod Supplied: TC40 Carbon Tripod
  • Motors RA: NEMA35 Stepper Motor + Model No. 14 + Brake
  • Motors Dec: NEMA35 Stepper Motor +Model No. 14
  • Gear Ratio:  720
  • Resolution:  0.17"
  • Maximum Slewing Speed:  6 degrees/second
  • Slew Rate: 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 20x, 60x, 720x, 1440x
  • Hand Controller: Rocker Style
  • Power Port: DC5.5-2.1 (12v - 3A)
  • Guide Port: ST4
  • Communication Interface: USB/WiFi
  • Dual-Fit 45mm/75mm Dovetail Saddle
  • Power Failure Protection:


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